Jeans: Everything you need to choose the perfect pair of jeans

Jeans are timeless. However, there are many models available. It’s also summer, so we use it as an opportunity to shop and update our clothes. Although the idea may be tempting, you should know that there are rules before heading to the shops. choose your jeans . You will understand that a jean cannot be taken randomly.


What models should you choose?

In order to find the pair of jeans that fit you the best, you need to pay attention to the model. Indeed, it exists many different model, according to you high and morphology. There is skinny, bootcup and even flare styles. You can’t go wrong with so many options. The first instinct is to Know your Morphology . Instead of looking at ourselves in the mirror, we focus on our shoulders, hips and legs. Your morphology will determine which Jean model you prefer. Do not blindly follow the trends. Select a style that enhances your personality.


Different pairs of jeans

Many jeans you can choose among



Little color court

Jeans are not limited to the boring blues of yesterday. Brands have offered more original and colorful jeans for a while now. These are some guidelines to help you find your way in the chaos. According to you skin and hair colour , some colours will fit you best. For example, if you have a tan to dark complexion, a pop colour will be amazing on you !


Does there exist a timeless model for everyone?

Despite all the sorts of jeans available, the great blue jeans is still a timeless piece to have in your closet. This model is able to be used on all skin types and morphologies. It’s a must-have item in any wardrobe. After that, you can always get new versions! Isn’t it?

Do you know what other fashion piece is timeless ? Jewels ! People wear jewels for so long, however, there are many different styles.


Written by district-parthenay