My secrets to living room design success

    By / 15 March 2023

    As you know from my other articles, I am a fan of decoration. However, I think that a place overdecorated can feel uncomfortable. This is why I made this article, it will give you tips and great ideas for decorating your living space as it should. What are some ways to decorate your living space?

    decoration jobs

    Decoration professions: what are they?

    By / 12 January 2021

    You’re moving into your very first flat, the boxes are piling up, but still no furniture, a blank page! You can already imagine hanging your favourite frame on this wall, putting an armchair in that corner, making this space your own.


    How to hide the ugly stuff in your house

    By / 4 December 2019

    Every home has them: utility boxes, heat pumps, air conditioning units, wires, etc. that are an eyesore on an otherwise beautiful property. These things are necessary to have and they make our lives much easier and more comfortable.But, it doesn’t mean that we have to put up with their ugliness. If you have any such… Read more

    architecte interieur hotel

    Employ the services of an interior designer for your hotel

    By / 9 May 2019

    The design and layout of the hotel is key to generating loyalty amongst your customers. Though there’s nothing wrong with it all being in the same style, it must never be bland and dull. The aim is to make every space in the hotel enjoyable for guests to be in and thus create in them… Read more

    Locksmith reparing a lock

    SDS Serrurerie’s opinion: How to find a good locksmith in Nice

    By / 10 January 2017

    We must seek professional help when faced with unexpected events such as burglary, break-ins, lost keys, damaged access points, and even a broken key. It is not something you should take lightly. How do you select a locksmith in Nice when it is an urgent situation? A locksmith must always respond as soon as possible.

    Girl lying on a BZ bench

    BZ bench : The secret to saving space in your bedroom or studio

    By / 5 January 2017

    It is common to live in tiny studios when you’re a student, or when your budget doesn’t allow you to purchase a beautiful apartment. It’s not easy to decorate a tiny space or find furniture that will fit in such an area. Hopefully, there are many clever pieces of furniture available that you can use… Read more

    Choosing a mattress

    Are you willing to spend the extra money for a quality mattress?

    By / 20 December 2016

    Did you know that you spend the majority of you time sleeping ? So, it is essential to invest in a good mattress, to have a great sleeping quality. You should pay special attention to the choice between a foam mattress or spring mattress in order to have a restful night and optimize your health…. Read more

    Craftman laying titles

    All the work involved in laying tiles

    By / 12 August 2016

    Most tile is found in bathrooms and kitchens. Some people choose to tile their hallways and stairs. Although it may appear easy to lay wall tiles or mosaic, the real difficulty is in their handling, cutting, and assembly. If you want to also remove tiles you’ll need the apprpriate tools and the knowledge of how… Read more

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