Friends that have privatized a bar

    Farewell party! You might try the Paris privatization!

    By / 15 March 2023

    Your colleagues were friends for many years and you became close to them. It’s now time to go. You can mark the occasion by  organizing a special party in Paris. You shouldn’t pick a random place, but you might consider closing a bar. Here’s how !


    candy store

    What to fill your candy store with?

    By / 10 September 2019

    We are all familiar with the saying, ‘like a kid in a candy store’. It takes us immediately back to our childhoods, when you’re in a shop stacked full of treats clutching your pocket money in front of a mouthwatering range of goodies. And that’s before walking out with a delicacy such as a hard candy cane, a pick and mix selection or a candy bar to satiate any greed until the next visit. But stacking the candy store, either in reality or by creating an attractive online shop takes a lot of thought and work to help attract the sweet-toothed, no matter what age they are. The right range of candies is crucial in making the whole attraction work in the first place. (more…)

    Delicious norwegian cuisine

    Top 3 Norwegian dishes

    By / 22 July 2016

    Norwegian Cuisine is a delight with its variety of dishes and many flavorful ingredients.  They are easy to make, inexpensive and provide essential nutrients.



    Refreshing pastilles, a solution for fresh breath

    By / 16 June 2016

    A refreshing pastille is like a delicious piece of candy except that it has the added advantage of giving you fresh breath. Besides tasting great, refreshing pastilles have another advantage: they freshen your mouth and give it a pleasant smell (for yourself and the people around you).



    How to find a fish restaurant in Nice?

    By / 18 March 2016

    The south of France and the Alpes Maritimes region are renowned for their landscapes and their Mediterranean food: simple dishes, which uses seafood and vegetables. (more…)

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