Refreshing pastilles, a solution for fresh breath

A refreshing pastille is like a delicious piece of candy except that it has the added advantage of giving you fresh breath. Besides tasting great, refreshing pastilles have another advantage: they freshen your mouth and give it a pleasant smell (for yourself and the people around you).


Refreshing pastilles: always have some in your bag!


What is a refreshing pastille?

Refreshing pastilles usually come in small metal boxes designed to conserve their flavor, so it’s easy to take them with you anywhere. You can have one after a meal or after coffee, whether for pleasure or to freshen your breath. Realistically, you can’t always brush your teeth after every meal.

Besides being tasty, refreshing pastilles are a good alternative for getting fresh breath quickly. That’s an important thing to have, especially in the workplace, when you have to be close to people and talk to them. Refreshing pastilles are also useful in your private life, during a romantic encounter, for example. Inexpensive and practical, refreshing pastilles are also quick and let you freshen your breath for a long time, all while being discreet. You can take them anywhere: they can slide into a handbag or the pocket of a jacket.

The different flavors of refreshing pastilles

Refreshing pastilles are now available in many different flavors, mentholated or fruity, to satisfy every taste. They come in licorice, aniseed and mint for intense refreshment. There is also violet, rose or fruit cocktail for a more gourmet treat. They come sweetened with sugar or aspartame.

It’s very hard not to find a pastille that you like since there are so many varieties available. It’s also possible to have many different flavors throughout the day. A small mint pastille can be enjoyed after lunch and a fruity pastille can be a great finish to your 5 pm snack. Besides bringing you pleasure, they make sure you have fresh breath until the end of the day. Most importantly, you don’t have to limit yourself. As the saying goes: when you love it, you don’t keep track. With so many types available, it would be too bad to have to limit yourself to just one flavor. You have to be able to vary your pleasures in life.

Sugar-free refreshing pastilles for addicts

However, the problem with refreshing pastilles is that they’re so good that you want to eat them throughout the day. Sometimes, when you have a series of meetings or private rendezvous, you also have to have some to maintain fresh breath in every situation. Luckily for addicts, there is a line of sugar-free refreshing pastilles, flavored with aspartame, which lets you avoid eating too many calories on days when you want to eat a lot of them (more details).

Just as delicious as refreshing pastilles flavored with sugar, they have the advantage of guilt-free eating, even when you have a lot. They let food-lovers satisfy a sweet tooth without any consequences on the scale. You can also alternate them with sugary candy as a way to add variety to your enjoyment. What could be better than enjoying some delicious candy, however much you want, without having to worry about the consequences for your waistline or your teeth? Sugar-free refreshing pastilles also allow people who have to watch their diet enjoy a piece of candy without worrying about their health.

Refreshing pastilles also exist in organic

Because everyone is different, taste wise but also conviction wise, organic refreshing pastilles also exists. They are manufactured according to the specifications of organic agriculture, regarding the elements that compose them. They allow those who only consume organic products to benefit of them without violating their principles. Like other candies of the same range, they have the ability to freshen breath while providing an intense tasting pleasure. Often organic cooking enthusiasts do not know the existence of organic refreshing pastilles, because very few companies sell them.

Yet it is an original and authentic product that they will appreciate. No need to deprive yourself of sweets at the end of the meal, you can now treat yourselves with this product, while offering your mouth a minty or fruity smell. It also ensures that each component which constitutes the candy was produced according to the criteria of organic agriculture and has controlled origins. The soft refreshing pastilles can be consumed by all and lovers of organic products can find their happiness! In addition, there are also in different flavors!

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I am a big fan of refreshing pastilles! I always have a box of them in my bag. Each time I eat and that I have a reunion just after, I know I can count on them to has a fresh breath. In addition, it allows me to finish my meal on a sweet taste!


I am a much stressed person and I stopped smoking 2 months ago. I thought it would be hard, but I found a way out! : Refreshing pastilles! They make me forget the cigarette. Plus, now my breath doesn’t have the smell of Tabaco, I always have a great breath.

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