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    skin pigmentation

    How does skin pigmentation work ?

    By / 26 April 2022

    Just as we all have different skin tones, our skins react differently to the effects of UV rays and cellular ageing. This is because pigmentation plays an important role. It is therefore important to understand its characteristics and the problems that can affect it in order to adapt cosmetic and dermatological treatments.



    Focus on the phenomenon of acne

    By / 5 April 2022

    In cosmetics as in dermatology, acne is a phenomenon that affects both teenagers and adults. In addition to being unsightly, it is often the cause of psychological discomfort. Fortunately, innovative solutions are available to treat this skin condition.



    Mobile SEO and the ‘mobile friendly’ criteria

    By / 15 July 2015

    Mobile internet is taking off. According to statistics, it represents 10% of global web traffic. And this number is only increasing, especially with the launch of a large number of smartphone which are compatible with websites. Google has not failed to capitalize on this opportunity to give priority to mobile SEO and to launch ‘mobile-friendly’, a new concept aimed at mobile Internet users. (more…)

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