Avoid fatigue by avoiding time difference

It is great to go on vacation, but jetlag can make it difficult. Many people choose to stay home to avoid the discomfort of jet lag, which can cause fatigue and stress. 

To avoid Jetlag, Travel West

Whether it is a myth or fact, some people believe that eastward travel is bad because of the time difference . If you’re unsure whether you should go to a foreign country like Iran for example, let me tell you it doesn’t matter which direction you choose. There are time differences all around the globe. It is better to face your fears than stay at home. Perspective is everything.


Jetlag person that has fallen asleep

Sleeping in the day become of jetlag

Relax before you go

If you know that you are gonna have a long trip with bad jetlag, start by relaxing yourself before going. Prepare all your stuff in advance, to be sure not to forget anything. Make sure that you have your visa if necessary, your passeport and all the documents needed.



What should you do on the flight?

This is it. Day of Departure It is here. The first tip: Take a break!  Relax and take it easy. The second tip is to be realistic. You can tell yourself it’s either the middle of the evening or early morning when you will arrive. You will feel less shocked.


When you arrived, it is imporrtant to switch your lifestyle to the country’s one. Indeed, even if you are tired, don’t go to sleep straight away. The first day will be difficult but thanks to this you will quick accomodate yourself.


Written by district-parthenay