How about Iran?

The first thing that pops into your mind when you mention this location is war. There are also scenes of horror with bodies scattered all over the place. You might even see suicide bombers and jihadists. This is understandable as Iran has long been considered dangerous. The situation has changed somewhat over the past few years.

Tourism is gradually picking up, even though it is still shy. The country is trying hard to rebuild and find some sense of normalcy. It would help you to learn more about Iran if you are considering making it your next destination. There are many things you need to be aware of, but it is important to enjoy Iran’s beauty without violating its laws. We’ll take a closer look at Iran. Would you like to learn more?

Iran, in just a few words

Iran, once known as Persia, is a Middle East country. The official name of Iran is the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the capital city is Tehran.According to 2015 surveys, the country has an area of 1,648,000 km2 and 81,224 870 people. According to surveys in 2015, the country covers an area of approximately 1,648,000 square kilometers. There are 81,224.870 inhabitants.

Although Persian is the official language, many people still speak regional languages. Iran’s population is made up of many different ethnicities and have lived together for quite some time. They include Persians as well as Kurds (Assyrians), Armenians, and others.

The government tried for the past few years to improve the economy of the country, but has not succeeded. Although they are trying to make the country more open to the outside world, the past has had a difficult time. The country was enslaved by its economic blockade since decades. The country’s agriculture and livestock aren’t well-developed, particularly with the increasing population.


Mountains in Iran

Here is a bit a Iran beauty


Art and culture

I have been to Iran last year and I have been amzed by art and culture there. Indeed, Iran is not very tourisitc and I was not expected so much attention to these fields.

  • First of all, architecture. Architecture is for me the best form of art in this country. I will never cease to be amazed by the beauty of these magnificent mosques. The domes are adorned with multicolored ceramics, which makes them a pure structure.
  • Poetry is the dominant form of literature in the country. It was a surprise to me that Iranians devoted so much attention to Persian classical poets, who are ardent supporters of Persian culture. But, this must be acknowledged.
  • Calligraphy and painting form part of Persian culture. The carpet is the best representation of Iran’s handicrafts. They are very soft, and can have unique patterns according to the city. It is handmade, so be careful!
  • Music is usually forbidden in cities. The Internet, however, allows for modern music to be transmitted, particularly among the young. The cinema isn’t appreciated much in this country.


Where to Eat in Iran

Iran’s food is so good ! I was delighted to find such a good cuisine. This is not the type of food you’ll find in restaurants. Indeed, you will need to be invited to a family to enjoy the delicious food from Iran . This should be easy, as the Iranian people are extremely welcoming, despite all the laws.

They always receive guests according to the rules of art when welcoming people. To help you find the local flavors and smells, they will offer you many dishes from their region. These dishes are unique, I have to admit. Before they leave, they like to ensure that all their guests are satisfied.


There are certain points you should be aware of

You must follow many rules when you first arrive at your destination. Sometimes, it even begins 10 minutes before you reach the airport. Clothing issues at home are extremely important. These rules must be respected. This applies to tourists and non-tourists alike.

Covering your arms and legs must be a male habit. This means no more Hawaiian shirts or shorts. You have for women to cover your neck, hair, legs, and cleavage as possible.

You should not expose your curves . During your trip, you will need to use the veil and long loose tunics. You are permitted to use colors and make-up, however. You don’t have to dress as though you are in mourning.

It is against the law to display affection between women and men , or have any physical contact with someone who isn’t a member of your family. It is forbidden to kiss or shake hands.

If depsite my feddback, Iran is not a destination for you, there are many others to explore, why not the region of Lombardy in Italy for example ?


Written by district-parthenay