My dream destination… Lombardy!

What about taking a vacation to Italy ? Discover Lombardy ? It is my third time to this city and it remains one of my favourite Italian cities. If you are interested in a Lombardy trip, here’s some information. The places I have seen are worth the effort since I was there. There are many places on my list that you can relax and take in the sights while enjoying your vacation. Here are some tips about places that I loved visiting.

Locations in the City Center

 There are many sites in Italy that you want to see more than one time. To make sure you have a good experience, I recommend Piazza del Duomo in the middle of Milan. It’s a great place to go, and you will have ample time to tell yourself that you have arrived at Piazza del Duomo. It has an arch that draws a lot of tourists. This arch vaguely reminds of the national arch. It’s often crowded so I don’t recommend going there during weekends. Galleria Vittorio Emileele is another place worth visiting in the center of Rome.

It is without doubt one the most important shopping centers in the region. It’s not a tourist attraction per se. It is still a tourist attraction. It is even possible that many locals wander around feeling overwhelmed by the number of foreigners. It was an opportunity for me to find great French brands. The place can also be used to shop for gifts. Avoid if you’re a compulsive purchaser with limited budget. Your heart is more vulnerable than any other thing. Finally, The center of Lombardy The castle of Sforza is also worth a visit. This is a site you will enjoy with your entire family or on your own for even more explorations.



Beautiful Lombardy landscape

Look at the beauty of Lombardy !


Visit Varenne

Varenne is certainly one of my favourite place in Lombardy, because of its simplicity and ease are what make it so appealing. This town is simple and comfortable, yet it’s worth the effort for anyone who loves beautiful views. The village of Varenne offers a stunning panoramic view and one of the most beautiful old Rome architectures. This village that looks almost like paradise was once destroyed in medieval times. Varenne, undoubtedly, is one of Italy’s most beautiful places where churches still exude their original beauty. It is a place with a strong smell of authenticity that made me want to return to France. I discovered, however, that the place was full of stories. It was enough to entertain children and spend some peaceful evenings. You might be surprised at the friendly welcome you will receive from the Varenne residents if you happen to pass through Varenne. This is another great point about the area!


End with Lake Iseo

You may need to find some peace and quiet during your stay in Lombardy. I believe a visit to Lake Iseo is a good idea. There are many things you can do to relax at Lake Iseo. You can relax in this area with the lush greenery and the tranquility of the lake. It’s not allowed to even dip one foot into this lake. Tourists can still enjoy the tranquility and fresh air in the surrounding area with a good picnic for example. When you’re spending a couple of hours at a stunning place such as Lake Iseo, which I love in Lombardy, the simplest approach is often the best.

If you are getting married, Lombary is an amazing place to have your reception. Indeed, this green and sunny landscape will be perfect to say YES. You can have a countryside chic decoration for you wedding !


Written by district-parthenay