Noumea: Living in Experience

My lured by New Caledonia’s paradisiacal environment and cosmopolitan charm, I decided to move to Noumea. Although there were some failures, I found many positive aspects to my experience. Two years living in New Caledonia’s capital, I wanted to share my experiences with you. Stay in Noumea . If you already have a booked, plane tickets Your luggage is now ready to go Trip Go to my article How to Travel Safely !

Noumea: What I loved about it

1. Its beauty is breathtaking

Noumea, the capital of New Caledonia’s southern province is Noumea. It can be found on Grande Terre An island located in the middle of large lagoon, bordered with coral reef. The stunning landscapes of the city reveal an amazing fauna and flora that are still very well conserved. Nearly 230ha are preserved in the city. Mangrove Near the coast, you will find mangrove trees that are over 100 years old. The coastline is 120km long and has beautiful beaches. In the background, you will find the New Caledonian archipelago. You can reach it by boat in just a few minutes. Pine Island One of the unspoiled areas in archipelago. It is possible to visit during the egg-laying period. Turtle Bay These majestic marine creatures can be viewed at Noumea (a little over 100 kilometers).


View of the sea in Nouméa

Nouméa’s beautiful sea


2. Life in France is less stressful than on the mainland

Noumea’s pace of life is more laid back. There is an air of relaxation due to the South Pacific’s tropical climate. To adapt to changing weather conditions, the people of South Pacific live in the mornings. School starts here earlier than it does in France. Classes begin at 8am, and finish around 3:00pm. There is a brief break in between 11:15am to 1pm. It is common to find water-sport enthusiasts on the beaches in the afternoon. Noumea has a more relaxed atmosphere. Tourists and natives mix at the Place des Cocotiers. Locals are friendly. Making new friends is simple. Caledonians like to be on the same terms.

3. A society that is full of diversity

Noumea is home to multiculturalism. You can see the different influences in both Noumea’s architecture and in its food. The huts are mixed with high-end residential areas. Many Kanaks live in their traditional homes. You can still see buildings from colonization in the middle of Noumea. Noumea’s population has many origins. The majority are European. These are mainly urban dwellers. Caldoches The descendants of ex-colonials and expatriates that have been living on the island for many generations. These are the Kanak The indigenous tribe is a large part of the country’s population. There are also many Asian and Oceanian populations. A lot of Melanesians are from French overseas territories like Wallis, Futuna and Tahiti. Leisure activities reflect the cultural diversity of this city. My stay allowed me to see many art galleries and museums, as well as to watch movies.

What I did not like about living in Noumea

1. A delicate political situation

My stay at Noumea was an opportunity to see the tensions that exist in this archipelago. I was horrified by the tragic events that took place in 1988 at Noumea. Ouvea cave They are very much present in the minds of people today. The pro-independence movement fought the loyalists over the question of independence in the wake of colonization. New Caledonia ‘s independence. The French Republic claims New Caledonia’s total autonomy. The Noumea Accord stipulates that the native people can vote on the matter. Both the 1987 and 2018 referendums had the same outcome, with both ending in rejection of independence. Insecurity is a result of the uncertain Caledonian situation.

2. It’s a very expensive way to live.

One euro equals approximately 120 when it comes to currency. Pacific Francs . The New Caledonian capital is much more costly than the rest of the island or Metropolitan France. The monopoly in many sectors is the main reason for this. Many imported goods will be found in shops. High taxes can significantly increase the price of imported products. Real estate prices are affected by the increase in Noumea’s expatriate population. There is not enough rental housing to satisfy the increasing demand. Sometimes, rents can be more costly than on the mainland France. The budget is heavily impacted by these charges. The cost of water, electricity, phone and internet subscriptions and other living expenses can quickly add up. Entertainment prices are affected by the yearly influx of tourists. A movie ticket costs on average 10EUR, and the cost of a meal at a restaurant is very high.

3. My family and my friends are far away

Noumea is modern and has good infrastructure. It is also easy to forget New Caledonia’s distance from Paris of almost 17,000km. My stay in Noumea made it difficult to invite your family members to come visit or spend some time in France. The trip can only be made if you have a valid French passport. Plan for at least 25 hours flight time. Depending on which itinerary you choose, there may be one or three stops along the route. Usually, flights stop in Japan and Australia before reaching their destination. The ticket can be quite expensive. To get the best deal, it is best to plan at least six months ahead. Noumea is 9 hours more than France. It is difficult to communicate via internet or telephone because of the time difference. To ensure everyone is available, calls must be scheduled. I was able to adjust my life and enjoy a beautiful setting with turquoise lagoons, beaches, and a great community. The city is a wonderful place to live, despite the high living costs and tension caused by the unstable political environment on the island.


Written by district-parthenay