Put the capital high on your list of places to visit during your holiday to Greece

Athens is the daughter of the sun and the Aegean Sea. The city offers a complete escape for anyone looking to get away from the exhaustion of daily life, the rain and stress. Some of the islands very close to the capital are also great places to getaway to as a family.

A safe bet


Spending time in Greece is the best way to immerse yourself in the history and origins of our modern-day societies. As a tourist visiting Athens, you’ll have the chance to see and explore its various must-see monuments and ancient ruins. The Acropolis, the ultimate in holy places, dominates the entire city from all directions.

History and mythology still serve as guiding lights for Athenians today, just as they do the day visitor as they undertake their own personal journey.
Stay a little longer and little by little, as part of the intimate dialogue that never takes long to establish itself between the city and its visitors, Athens will reveal some of its urban treasures to you as well as various little nuggets of history and archaeology. And on top of this, of course, you’ll discover the people, with all their generosity, idiosyncrasies and contradictions.

The person who leaves Athens without having made friends or experiencing the human side of the city has seen nothing of the profound richness and complexity the Greek capital has to offer.

Finding accommodation in Athens

There is an almost limitless range of accommodation available from tour operators and on travel websites, most of it of a high standard. With package stays, hotel offers, holiday villages and homestay options to choose from, there’s enough variety to satsify everyone.
It goes without saying that in a country in which income from tourism accounts for 40% of the national wealth, holiday accommodation is a very strong and well-established sector.

A new trend of offering luxury houses or villas for rental in highly attractive parts of Athens such as the mountains or on the coast has emerged in recent years. The islands are a particularly coveted destination in this respect. When it comes to these types of rentals, MOBILIA is an excellent partner to choose. The agency’s teams specialise in many of the islands where sun and sea combine to sparkling, dazzling effect against the backdrop of idyllic, heavenly beaches. So don’t have any hesitation in consulting the agency if you’d like to find out the best offers on the market in terms of dream destinations and magical accommodation options.

Written by district-parthenay