Top 3 Norwegian dishes

Norwegian Cuisine is a delight with its variety of dishes and many flavorful ingredients.  They are easy to make, inexpensive and provide essential nutrients.

Norwegian cuisine: salmon

Fish, along with beef, game, and mutton are also favourite foods in the Fjord Country. Salmon is my favorite fish among trout, hake and mackerel. It can either be prepared in a raw or cooked form and is delicious in any recipe. They are delicious in stews and meatballs. I also love them with potatoes and sweet/savory sauce.



Delicious norwegian cuisine

My favourite norwegian dish !

Norwegian cuisine: blinis

Norwegian Blinis are a great breakfast choice. They are thick, large pancakes that were once served in the Scandinavian country to celebrate special occasions or religious holidays. Blinis are now served as appetizers with bread and meat. My favorite stuffed blinis is the one I make from thinner dough.


Norwegian cuisine: polar berry jam

The polar berries are wildberries that have been harvested in Norway under very specific conditions. Polar berries, which are rare fruits but high in vitamin C and vitamins, make a great jam. The polarberry jam tastes great with pancakes and waffles.

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If you want to discover more of the norwegian cuisine and that you are located on the French Riviera, I advise to try the restaurant FJORD, in Nice. However, if you have the opportunity to go in Norway, I would 100% recommend, this is an amazing country !


Written by district-parthenay