Norway’s splendor is yours

You probably know that I’m a curious person. I love to discover new things and have fun, when it comes to travel destinations. I read a lot about Norway before deciding to go on a trip there. And you know what ? I absolutely loved this country !

 Today, I am going to write about the experience, and to encourage you to visit. But, I also want to share this incredible discovery with you !

Oslo is the start of your Norway trip

Your first step in Norway must be a passage through Oslo, one of the most picturesque cities in this country. Oslo is a fascinating city, I have to admit. It is clean and not as crowded as other cities I have visited. It is clear from the moment you get there that there are no pollutants and that it is clean. It is very relaxing.

There are many parks and green areas in the city that are open to all. It is enjoyed by both tourists and Norwegians alike. The Vigeland Park is one example. It is actually the park that surprised me most of all the others I visited. There are more than 200 statues throughout the park. You can admire them at your own pace. The park is also home to beautiful flowers. It is a must-see destination for tourists. However, it is definitely worth the effort.

Oslo is also an expression of Norway’s culture, history and art. You should take the ferry from Oslo to on the Bygdoy peninsula. There are amazing discoveries you can make at the Viking Ship Museum and Norwegian Folk Art Museum once you get there. You will have plenty of entertainment while you’re there, I am sure.


Norway landscape

Breathtaking Norway landscape



Here are some of my favorites that I’d like to share

I  loved Norway ! But among all I’ve seen, here are some things that I particularly loved:

  • Northern Lights: I was completely astonished by that, I honestly think this is the most stunning phenomenon I have ever seen. It is a beautiful sight that should be seen even if it is cold at night.
  • The Lofoten Islands: I highly recommend it. They are north of Bodo, just off the Arctic Circle. It was a beautiful place to stay, with mountains and white snow. The beauty of the Fjords is what made it a real paradise.
  • The Jostedalsbreen Park to anyone visiting Norway. Although the name may be difficult to pronounce once you get there you’ll soon see why. This park is undoubtedly one of Scandinavia’s most stunning parks.
  • Hiking: As you can tell, I love being outside, in nature. So I was very happy to go on a hike in Norway. It was an interesting 5 hour round trip and the entertainment at my arrival made it all worth it. You can enjoy the Lysefjord at its best once you arrive at Preikestolen. ,
  • You will enjoy a little bit of The glacier at Briksdal if you like snow or ice. It is a must-see on your Norway trip. A new snow show, with blue snow and in the natural, will delight you.


You can also discover the many beautiful fjords in the country

You may have already heard about norwegian fjords. But  What is exactely a “fjord”? I asked myself the exact same question. You don’t need to Google them, these are sea arms that move in the Earth to produce a stunning result. It’s possible to appreciate the sea from anywhere without ever having to go on a trip.

Some fjords really caught my attention. You should visit The Fjord of Dreams. It is no accident that the place is named that way. It is like something out of a movie. You can find it halfway between Oslo and Bergen, making it a little bit of paradise. It is a paradise of beauty and tranquility, perfect for those who want to enjoy a relaxing holiday.

The Geiranger Fjord is another must-see spot. This is the most famous fjord in Norway. From the Ferry bridge, the view is breathtaking. Although we could have stayed just one day, it would be enough to see the Ferry for a month.

Also, I recommend that you visit Lysefjord to see the stunning Norwegian scenery. You will be captivated by the 42-kilometer cruise that takes you to this amazing place.


What time should I leave for this amazing country?

You should also know when is the best time to Discover Norway. People recommend that you visit Norway between May and September.

For the rest of this year, I recommend that you stay away from these areas. There are nine months you shouldn’t avoid, as some say. It is during low season when it is most fascinating, regardless of the weather or number of visitors. It is a beautiful display of nature’s ability to awaken and give its best.


If you love discovering places and especially nordic country, I highly recomment visiting Canada ! This country is amazing and will be a great experience. But don’t forget to get your AVE !


Written by district-parthenay