Japan is a destination you must visit at least once in life

You probably know that I’ve traveled quite a lot. It’s a pleasure to share my favorite things about destinations that I have visited and talk about what they mean to me.

Today, I’m going to be talking about Japan. It is one of my favourite destinations. Although I was unable to return there on my second trip, it is something I plan to do. Japan is the land of rising sun, so plan your trip now. It is an amazing destination, I can assure you !

You should visit these places

  • Without a doubt, the Tokyo Imperial Palace is the first place that I would recommend. Although the palace is closed to public for the entire year, it opened twice a year, so you need to be there on time.
  • Talking about Tokyo, you should visit the Tokyo Tower, that looks a lot like the Eiffel tower. It is better to visit it at night when it is all sparkling !
  • You should also visit the Bamboo forest in Arashiyama. It is simple bamboo forest, which we think is it. But, it’s not. The bamboo is rare at our home, so it makes it one of my favorite places. You should also visit Kamakura. It is home to many historical landmarks including the largest seated Buddha anywhere in the world.
  • It is amazing to be in this land of rising sun. I couldn’t help but wish that I was there to witness this spectacular show. To see a stunning sunrise, I suggest you climb Mount Fuji. It is Japan’s highest peak. The climb is accessible to anyone, so don’t be alarmed.


Japan landscape with a lady practising yoga

So peaceful and beautiful Japan



To get to know the marine fauna, visit the aquariums

The country has a lot of marine fauna, so I advise you to visit its many aquariums. These have many unique species you won’t find anywhere else.

  • If you’re in Osaka, you shloud visit the Osaka Aquarium. The beautiful castle is another great spot. This aquarium is third in size worldwide. There are hundreds of animal species that can be found there. This aquarium is sure to provide you with many interesting experiences to enhance your experience.
  • You must also visit Roppongi Hills’ Sky Aquarium, Tokyo. You will most likely pass it during your visit. It is also a great time to see a fascinating show about the area. It isn’t one of the big aquariums. However, there are many charms and beautiful animals in this small aquarium.
  • The Enoshima Aquarium in Japan is one of Japan’s most spectacular aquariums. The aquarium’s cave will allow you to see many interesting species. It can feel as though you’re being swallowed up by the ocean, but you soon forget about your worries.
  • The Marine World Aquarium in Kinosaki, Japan is another aquarium worth visiting. This beautiful location is home to dolphins and fish. The famous Shimonoseki Aquarium puffer fish, which are very fascinating specimens, will be on display.
  • It would also be nice to visit Churaumi Aquarium in order to view sharks, rays and other aquatic animals. You should also visit this aquarium.


Japan has many castles that are worth seeing

The Osaka castle is the historic symbol of Osaka. It’s a must-see landmark in the city. The beauty and grandeur of the palace contrasts with the rest is what I loved about it. This is an image I’ll never forget. Its beauty and architecture are still intact, even though the city is being reconstructed.

Also, I recommend that you visit the Hiroshima Castle. It is a must-see on your Japan trip. Hiroshima, Japan’s capital city is another must-see. The city’s past is well-remembered and hasn’t changed in many years. It is still safe to visit today, but don’t be alarmed. After the tragedy, the castle was rebuilt. It is now smaller but almost identical to its predecessor.

Also you should go to Himeji Castle . This castle is one of few that have not been rebuilt from its inception. It is this reason that I love the place so much. It has been well preserved by time.

You will visit Matsumoto Castle, which is Japan’s oldest wooden castle. You will see why it is Japan’s national treasure. Don’t be afraid to visit it.


These pagodas seem to have been lost in the past

The architecture in Japan, including their palaces, shrines, and houses is what I love the most. You should not miss out on the many pagodas in Japan. You should visit the Yakushiji Temple especially in the spring when they are at their best. Don’t forget your camera!

Itsukushima Shrinket is another pagoda I highly recommend, particularly if you’re looking for tranquility and peace. The island is almost directly facing Hiroshima. It is located on an island that faces Hiroshima.

Toshoguo Temple is also a good place to visit. It is located in Ueno park. You can enjoy peace and quiet while exploring this castle. You should also visit the Nara Koen Complex to see the Kofuku Ji temple. This is a wonderful place to explore in Japan.

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Written by district-parthenay