Sidney: Which sites should you see first?

You want to escape Europe for a bit ? Take a vacation to Australia ! Australia is the country of adventure and kangaroos ! A small guided tour will help you make your decision. These are my suggestions favourite places in Sydney.

Let us start with Queen Victoria Building

If You go to Sydney The Queen Victoria Building is the place to visit first. This place is perfect for compulsive shoppers such as me. You will find all you need for a fun outing with your family and friends. You will have enough to take with you when you return.


Sidney harbour bridge

Sidney’s famous harbour bridge



Enjoy the Spanish Quarter

Australia’s Charm is also made by its diversity. You can go and visit the Spanish quarter, that has a special atmosphere and charm. The Don Quixote’s Restaurant, 545 Kent St. St. Liverpool Cnr is a great place to eat. You’ll fall in love with the charm and location of this lovely place. You can make the most of your visit by walking around the neighbourhood. There are many Flamenco and Latin schools.


Experience a new adventure at the Jenolan Caves

Finally, make sure to visit one of Sydney’s most iconic sites, such as The Jenolan Caves UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its extraordinary wildlife and vegetation. These places are known for their famous caves. These wonders have existed for over 340,000,000 years. You can’t leave without visiting them! You will find the angels if you’re a bit adventurous!

Australia may be far away, but it’s really worth the trip ! If you are going there, I advise you to take a good book , such as a Lisa Gardner one, for the flight !

Written by district-parthenay