Decoration professions: what are they?

You’re moving into your very first flat, the boxes are piling up, but still no furniture, a blank page! You can already imagine hanging your favourite frame on this wall, putting an armchair in that corner, making this space your own.

But in the end, the result when you decorate your own flat is not always as good as you might have imagined. It lacks a certain harmony, that je ne sais quoi that would make this space a magazine cover. This is often where a decorator comes in to bring out the full potential of your home. But what are these decoration jobs?

What are “decoration jobs”?

decoration jobs

decoration jobs

Decoration is everything that consists of fitting out or rearranging private or public living spaces. The latter can be indoors as well as outdoors. Painting, furniture, accessories or even brightness, are all elements to be mastered to bring to your space the atmosphere you want, but also its comfort and functionality.


The decoration professions are spread across many different sectors. Indeed, architecture is not the only master profession of design. Interior decorator, wedding planner, landscape gardener or designer are all professions where you can give free rein to your artistic fibre.

Furthermore, it is possible to offer your services in various sectors such as public works, the environment, events, the performing arts and also in business.


From Bac+2 to Bac+6, there are numerous training courses in the field of decoration to satisfy everyone’s desires and particularities. Focus today on the different professions of design.

Interior decorator


The interior decorator is the specialist in the design of enclosed spaces. He is called upon to transform an interior into a space that is comfortable, aesthetic, welcoming and functional at the same time. With a creative and artistic spirit, the interior decorator must combine his ideas with the expectations and desires of his clients, while adapting to their technical and budgetary dimensions.


He can be called upon for a variety of projects such as the interiors of commercial premises, offices, places of relaxation and leisure, green spaces and the interiors of private individuals. If you are looking for an agency of interior design in Nice or in the Alpes Maritimes, visit the website.

Wedding planner


Although the profession has already existed for many years in the United States, the wedding planner profession made its appearance in France in the 2000s. The use of these design professionals tends to increase progressively as the profession meets a growing demand from future brides and grooms who, due to a lack of time or for the sake of convenience, appreciate the precious help provided by these specialists.


The wedding planner will be the organiser of your wedding. As a conductor, he will be in charge, according to your wishes but also your budget, of finding you the perfect venue for the ceremony.


He will negotiate for you the performance of the musicians, the photographer and the cameraman, will find for you a florist, a caterer, a printer, and of course, will take care of the decoration of your ceremony room.


More than a simple decorator, the wedding planner is therefore found on all fronts. He can also be called upon to advise the future bride and groom on their choice of dress or costume, hairstyles and jewellery, while assisting them with organisational planning tasks before and after the ceremony.


This very demanding job is also accompanied by a desire to please the bride and groom in order to offer them the wedding of their dreams.



As for the landscape gardener, he is often asked to bring his point of view to the realisation of urban or territorial projects. It is the landscape architect who will combine his creativity with the technical and functional requirements of the space to make a relaxing green exterior, design the creation of gardens, and imagine the design of public green spaces.


It was in 1945 that the formation of landscape architects appeared with the creation of the Landscape and Garden Art Section at the National School of Horticulture in Versailles. Some twenty years later, this became the École Nationale Supérieure de Paysage (ENSP).



A designer, sometimes also called a stylist, is a professional who is responsible for designing a product by harmonising its aesthetic and functional criteria. Within the framework of this multidisciplinary profession, the designer may then specialise in furniture, the floral field or the sales area.


The sales area designer is the professional responsible for proposing different layouts for a room intended for the marketing of products. He plays with colours, volumes and lights to highlight a product, set the scene and create a world that will attract the customer. As a true marketing specialist, he or she must do everything possible to encourage buying. The designer can be involved in the design of shop windows, a stall or an entire shop.


Another specialist, the floral designer, is a flower professional. On the occasion of exceptional events such as weddings, birthdays or, sadly, funerals, he is called upon to create and lay out floral structures in ceremonial areas: fresh flowers, seasonal flowers, dried flowers or cut flowers, everything is useful in creating the perfect atmosphere requested by customers.


As for the furniture designer, he is the person who has thought about and designed the furniture around us. Combining functionality and comfort, this professional adds to his rooms an aesthetic aspect adapted to different styles. Highly creative, the furniture designer is inspired by everyday products and user demand.


As you will have understood, the decoration professions are varied and intervene in various sectors. Creativity, flexibility and technicality are the key words of these professionals who make our spaces both functional and aesthetic.

Written by district-parthenay