Employ the services of an interior designer for your hotel

The design and layout of the hotel is key to generating loyalty amongst your customers. Though there’s nothing wrong with it all being in the same style, it must never be bland and dull. The aim is to make every space in the hotel enjoyable for guests to be in and thus create in them the desire to come back again.

Calling on the skills of an interior designer is an excellent option when it comes to achieving a well-finished and successful layout and design.

Properly design and lay out the space in your hotel


We live in an age in which price considerations are far from being the only criteria applied when choosing a hotel. Guests pay particular attention to both the way the space is arranged and laid out and the hotel’s decoration.

These aspects enable them to assess the kind of ambiance and atmosphere they can expect to experience once at the hotel. It is therefore essential to appeal to potential guests by showing them photos and videos that highlight and emphasise the charms your hotel has to offer. During their stay, they will have the opportunity to better assess the design and layout, which will influence their decision whether to come back again or not.

architecte interieur hotel

Ideas of decoration


It is essential to carefully and judiciously manage all the different spaces, highlighting and emphasising what each has to offer. This might mean focussing on the spaciousness, the natural light available, the direction the space faces, etc. The choice of furniture, the combination of materials, the design of the lights and the organisation and arrangement of the various elements all contribute to the creation of the atmosphere and ambiance, which can vary from one space to another. Guests generally prefer rooms that are functional, refined and cosily intimate whilst at the same time enjoying communal spaces in which prominence is given to friendly conviviality.


The way your hotel is laid out and designed can also be a significant lever when it comes to increasing your turnover. Basically, it’s easier to increase the prices at hotels that are cleverly laid out and artfully decorated. The clientele will not be put off by the idea of spending a little more if it means they get to enjoy the benefits of a comfortable stay in a hotel with plenty of character.


Put your faith in a professional when it comes to the decoration


Every hotel should have its own specific identity. This is the golden rule. To begin with, you need to define a style that’s properly suited to your overall hotel concept and your brand image. For example, the decoration might be resolutely romantic in style, inspired by the style of the local area, avant-gardist, contemporary, or any of various other possibilities. If you’re looking for an interior designer for your hotel, here’s a good company to consider: www.luxoria.fr/en/hospitality-design

An interior designer will take careful note of each of your requirements and allow their creativity to express itself as they integrate this information into the project. They will also take into account the budget you plan to allocate to the project along with any regulatory requirements that need to be adhered to. What such professionals provide, therefore, are personally tailored solutions in which not a single detail is left unconsidered.


Interior designers work closely with various types of building craft specialists. They also ensure the quality of the work carried out by these sub-contactors is of a high standard and the rates they charge fair. As a professional decorator worthy of the name, the interior designer plays a role in choosing the sanitary fittings, wallpapers, carpentry work and soft furnishings. But not only that. They also decide what kind of decoration will be perfect for the lobby, lounges, bars, etc., with each of these different spaces potentially requiring its own specific style. The work undertaken is subject to rigorous quality controls at every stage of the project.



To call on the services of an interior designer is to give yourself the opportunity to carefully design and lay out your hotel out to a high standard. You also get the benefit of continuous help and support right through to the final handover of the finished project.

Written by district-parthenay