My secrets to living room design success

As you know from my other articles, I am a fan of decoration. However, I think that a place overdecorated can feel uncomfortable. This is why I made this article, it will give you tips and great ideas for decorating your living space as it should. What are some ways to decorate your living space?

It is important to know what it will look like.

First, you need to visualize what you want your living space to look like. This way, you will be able to see the kind of furniture that you want and where you want to put them, same with other elements. You can draw a plan on paper or computer, and make a list of the thing you want in your living room. For example, do you want a TV or not ? One couch ? Small or large table ? …

Make some decisions depending on how much space you have for your living room. You won’t always be able to fit everything in there. Most furniture won’t fit in your living room. You have to limit your possibilities.

If you have really limited space, you can choose a BZ bench. This is a convertible sofa that can be handy when you have a little apartment or when people stay for the night.


Fully decorated living room

Well decorated living-room


Arrange the furniture according to your activities

After you’ve decided on the activities that you would like to engage in, you can organize your living space and arrange the furniture.

You can use a piece of paper to draw the corners that will be placed in your living room. Arrange each activity according to its importance . You should first place the areas with the greatest constraints. For example, the TV corner, which can take up space and require the installation of electrical and lighting sources, is one such area. You must also consider the fact that windows are a barrier to organizing the various activity areas. You should place areas which are easy to categorize, like the entertainment area.


How to choose the best furniture for your living space

After you’ve decided where you want it to go, the next step is choosing the furniture. There are many furniture options available today. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right furniture model.

In order to choose the right furniture you should consider your personal taste and your specific needs . But, most importantly, think about your style preferences . You can’t live without certain furniture in your living room, such as the couch or the coffee table. Then, choose furniture that you are most interested in.

You must not over-furnish the living area. This will make it feel cramped. It is best to only take what you require to furnish the living room and make it functional.

I recommend thinking about small spaces. For example, the TV table with bookcase and a corner table that doubles as a desk can be used. A successful decor is more than a space filled with furniture. It should also be a harmonious combination of the styles and colors that you choose.


You might also consider a nomadic style for your living space.

The best option for me is my nomadic living space. I’m a true traveler. A nomadic lounge can be described as a space that is open to all those who wish to travel. It transports people to the tropics or the jungle, and allows them to feel at home.

It is important to consider several factors when decorating this style. You are not going to decorate a standard living room. Instead, you will add a bit of culture .

If you want to feel in Asia, you could choose to have a chair on the ground. You can place an armchair of ethnic origin in the corner and add decorative items from all four corners of the world to your living space. It’s like a complete change of scenery without ever leaving the house.

As far as colors go, I recommend choosing bright colors but you can also use warm tones such as yellow, ochre, or saffron. You will be able to see the effect it has on your wall once you have applied it.

When choosing furniture for your home, it is important to choose the ethnic design. However, custom furniture and wicker furniture are also options. A corner African chair will add a lot of character to the space, as well as exotic wooden tables and a Chinese buffet. Choose your furniture carefully in order for it to be harmonious.

A second tip is that it’s not a good idea to restrict yourself to only one culture or country. The combination of styles can produce stunning results.


Written by district-parthenay