Woman practising sport to avoid cellulite

    For cellulite, osteoarthritis and sport

    By / 15 March 2023

    This is not new, sport have many benefit for our health and physical appearance. This is especially true in cases where you are ill. Some illnesses, such as cancer, require that you continue to exercise in order for your body to stay healthy. Cellulite fighting is another benefit of sports. I’ve decided to wrote this article… Read more


    Nice: treat yourself to a tandem parasailing flight

    By / 23 September 2019

    During your strolls along the beach you have probably already seen these new nautical activities that decidedly have the wind in their sails. Jet skiing, towed buoys and water skiing… there are many activities to choose from. Among them, parasailing is the one that offers the best combination of the pleasure of a magnificent view… Read more

    Learning how to ski

    Get started skiing with me!

    By / 5 October 2016

    The temperature is dropping and I am so happy about it ! The snow will be coming soon and do you know what it means ? Skiii.  Since I started skiing a while back, I can tell you how much I enjoy the gentle snow and the wind whipping around my face. Are you ready… Read more

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