A beautiful day trip in Monaco

After the Vatican, Monaco is the smallest country on earth. But don’t be misled into thinking that its small size means that you will have time to be lazy. In fact, Monaco tours brims with attractions

What do you have to see in one day in Monaco?

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A beautiful day tour in Monaco

The luxurious Monte Carlo Casino invites you to its old world, not to mention the fact that this casino was featured in “Never Say Never Again” and “Golden Eye” for James Bond fanatics.

Wander through the picturesque Japanese gardens before stopping for a bite at the world-famous Café de Paris Monte-Carlo.

Cross the Formula 1 Grand Prix Circuit and stop to take photos of this iconic one.

Walk through the Fontvieille’s port, and admire the wonderful yachts before heading to the Princess Grace Rose Garden.

Visit The Rock where you will have the opportunity to cuddle sharks at the Shark Petting Pool!

You can’t missed the Oceanographic Museum which has a Liquid Galaxy Simulator.


Why is it better to choose a private tour for visiting Monaco?

There is so much to see and do in Monaco that you will need a tour guide who will be able to give you all the interesting information from one destination to the others.

The country has an up-and-down topography: from the Old Town of Monaco at the bottom, to Monaco Ville at its peak.  Monte Carlo lies between the old and the brand new town. To avoid spending precious hours walking from one destination to the next, it’s better to have a tour guide who knows the shortest way.

The essence of Monaco is really captured with a tour guide who knows the customs, culture and history of this miniature country. Understand the heart of Monaco by visiting important spots and by learning the specific aspects of this royalty with a day tour in Monaco.

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