It’s going to be great weather so why not make it an adventure for all the family?

Family plans start to form as spring approaches. How to spend your next weekend or day on vacation? A bike ride? What about a day of fishing? It’s pretty common. Have you thought of taking an adventure with your friends?

A stunning natural location

An Adventure Course can be found in any Alpes Maritimes area. This course is mostly a combination of outdoor activities. There will be trails, water and trees, the sky is your roof. Safety equipment is required to allow you to move from one branch to another or enjoy the thrill of the zipline suspended over the void.

Fresh air can be a great source of energy and allow you to share the simple things in life with loved ones. It will be possible to share the joy of the outdoors with your kids. You can also laugh, cheer and enjoy the company of them.

Playgrounds are a great place for people to connect with others and to relax. You won’t be the one complaining about homework not being done, dirty socks, or missing a vacation. This environment will allow you to let your child out and enjoy your family trip.

You can also choose to spend a shorter or longer time in this magical universe. For as little as two days you can spend the night in a tree house. This is not a simple construction, which could be blown away by the slightest shock. It’s a wooden log cabin that can keep you warm and comfortable.

Canyoning is a great option for family trips that include water games. To be able to go down natural slides or overcome many obstacles, you must be at least 18 years old. It’s well worth the effort.

Take your family to an adventure park for a fun day!


Man on an adventure course

Best day at the adventure course !



There are many difficulty levels for an adventure course

Tree Climbing and Canyoning are available for nearly everyone.

You can access the easiest courses starting at 1.30m, which is approximately 8 years old. This green course has more than 40 workshops.

Next comes the red race, which is available as soon as your height is at least 1.40m. You can choose from 36 different games that will provide you with exceptional leisure activities.

All those above 1.45m are eligible to take the purple course.

This huge park has a black Course that is extremely difficult. For those over 1.50m tall, there are 39 games available and a zipline of more than 330 meters.

You can enjoy some great sport activities from the heights of the trees, or simply by strolling along the paths. You should take full advantage of this huge playground. Moreover, after a good day at the parc, you can finish in a great fish restaurant in the city of Nice, for example.

What are you going to do this summer?

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